Quantum Car Insurance Extras

With optional extras to choose from, you can tailor your insurance policy to get the cover you want.

At Quantum, we know that not everyone needs or wants the same level of car insurance. Our Extra Options are available so that you can pick and choose what is best for you.

Get extra benefits or keep it simple with Quantum Car Insurance options.

Extras to improve your cover:

Waiver of Excess

No excess in case of accident


Inappropriate fuel being accidentally put in the car

Limit: MUR 25,000
Loss of Use

Replacement car in case of accident

Limit: MUR 3,000 per day up to max of 30 days
Replacement of Car Keys and Locks

The replacement cost of the following items:

  1. The door locks and/or boot lock;
  2. The ignition/steering lock;
  3. The lock transmitter and central locking interface

Limit: MUR 50,000
Towing and Assistance

24/7 Road Assistance

Intervention and Service Only
Personal Accident

Car Occupant's Cover

Limit: MUR 500,000 per seat
Personal Belongings

Lost or damage to personal belongings carried in or on the car

Limit: MUR 25,000
Medical Expenses

Medical expenses following car accident

Limit: MUR 15,000 per seat
Hospital Expenses

Hospital expenses following car accident

Limit: MUR 15,000 per seat

Not in built accessories

Limit: Value of Accessories
Car Jacking

Medical expenses from physical assault as a direct result of an aggravated theft or aggravated attempted theft of your vehicle

Limit: MUR 10,000 per seat
Road Rage

Medical expenses from physical assault as a direct result of a car accident

Limit: MUR 10,000 per seat
Windscreen Damage

Replacement of damaged or broken windscreen (front and rear), windows and/or sunroof (glass)

Limit: No Excess
Towing of Trailer Extension

Third Party Bodily Injury and Third Party Property Damage

Limit: same limit as Third Party Liability
Cherished Plate

Fees for transferring your personal registration plate to your new vehicle in case of total loss

Limit: MUR 7,000
No Claim Discount

Discount on renewal if there is no claim during the previous period of insurance

Automatic Renewal

Opt for automatic renewal and enjoy discounts on your premium and future renewal premiums. By opting for automatic renewal facility, you are providing consent to us that we will automatically renew your policy and apply for renewal payments from your account every year, until you instruct us to stop.

Named Driver

You can further reduce your premium by electing your policy to be on a named driver basis, if you are comfortable that only the drivers you have disclosed to us will be driving your vehicle at all times.

Adjust your Excess

You can make a saving on your premium by reducing it further whilst opting to review upward your policy excess applicable to your car.

Courtesy Chauffeur Service

Free of Charge Driver service in case of accident to:

  1. Provide an emergency replacement Car 24/7 on the site of accident.
  2. Drive your car to an approved repairer for estimate of repairs.
  3. Drive your car to an approved repairer for scheduled repairs.

Intervention and Service Only