10 Feb
Choose your car insurance wisely

It’s a daily routine. Morning drive time. The engine, humming under the bonnet, is in top form. There is no need to worry. But, hey ? What about your vehicle insurance cover ? Are you sorted with the right package which suits your needs? We, at Quantum Insurance, are aware of the ins and outs as well as latest advances in the auto market. Our products are tailor-made to cater for requirements of each owner.



18 Jan
Get Started, get ready but be prepared!

New Year Celebrations are already a distant memory for all of us. Still, as we inched closer to the midnight the 31st December, each of us had its set list of 2017 resolutions. New items just stack up on the list the more we thought about it. Yet, we run the risk of missing the most valuables points. We stress on valuable points in this blog as they are not necessarily major resolutions. Small gestures will improve our immediate environment 24/7.

05 Jan
Your duty of care at home

Someone gets hurt on my property, am I legally responsible?

Having a guest over is always a little stressful… We need to think about ways to entertain them and make them feel welcomed. However, we seldom give a thought on whether our house is safe for the individual who enter it. In fact, this should be the first thing on our minds as any negligence on our behalf could have serious consequences.

What will happen if someone gets hurt on your property? Are you responsible?

19 Oct
How to test a second-hand car before buying?

We often hear that buying a second-hand car is like the lottery: you never know when you are going to win or to lose!

Actually, destiny has nothing to do with finding a good and reliable car. You will never regret investing in a car if you follow our few little tips!

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