Choose the home insurance extras to suit you with our multi-features cover

Our house insurance isn't just about giving you great value cover; it's about giving you flexibility so you can tailor the cover to suit you.

You'll be given the choice to extend your cover with the options below as you complete your quote.

Personal Liability

These days just about anyone can be sued as a result of their actions. The personal liability coverage within your home insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible. For example, someone falls down your stairs, or your child accidentally throws a ball through a neighbor's window, breaking an expensive item - you may be held responsible for the damages caused. Under personal liability coverage, the insurance company defends you if you are sued, and pays damages to the injured person up to the limit of liability.

Domestic Workers Compensation

Domestic Workers Compensation gives you cover for people you employ to work at your residence in the event they are injured and you are legally liable.

Personal Effects

Add Personal Effects coverage to your Contents Cover to protect your valuables away from home. We all know it's too easy to lose or damage something you're wearing or carrying while out and about. This reassuring cover includes belongings like jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones, laptop and sports equipment

Adjust your excess and reduce your premium

It is easy, simply adjust your excess on the online quote form, and see the effect on your premium saving instantly.

Automatic Renewal

Opt for Automatic Renewal and enjoy discounts on your premium and future renewal premiums. By opting for Automatic Renewal facility, you are providing consent to us that we will automatically renew your policy and apply for renewal payments from your account every year, until you instruct us to stop.

We will contact you at least 40 days before the end of your period of insurance. If you still meet our eligibility criteria, We will seek to automatically renew your policy by using the latest details you provided to us. You will also be provided with a renewal invitation which you should check via My Account to ensure all your details are still correct and relevant. If any changes are required or you do not wish to renew your policy, you should let us know via My Account at least 20 days prior to your renewal date. If you no longer meet our eligibility criteria, we will not be able to renew your policy. In all cases we will contact you prior to your renewal date to advise you what to do next.

Paper less discount

Go Green-You can make a saving on your premium by opting to receive by e-mail all your insurance Policy documents including the schedule in a digital format.

Pet cover – Veterinary fees only

Pet cover (for Dogs and Cats only) provides cover for the cost of fees charged by a veterinary practice for consultations, examinations, tests, X-rays, surgical procedures, drugs and medication, nursing and hospitalisation for an illness, injury, accident or change in your pet’s health.