Home Contents Checklist

Keeping a contents checklist will help you understand the correct replacement value of your home contents and assist you in recovering your stolen goods.
Visit each room in your house and write down the serial or model numbers of valuables as well as how much you paid for them. Better still, take a photograph or use a video camera to record these details


If you make a home insurance claim, most insurers will need to see your valuations. To be fully covered, you must provide evidence of the value and ownership of items which verifies the insured value of each item of specified contents and specified and unspecified personal effects.

Home Security

Here are some home security tips to help you stay safe and sound - after all, prevention is the best type of insurance we know.

What can you do to prevent a burglary?

Take the following steps to protect your home and contents and make your property less attractive to opportunistic burglars.

  • Always lock the door and close the windows when you go out, even if it’s only for a short time
  • Never ever leave spare keys outside
  • Always keep your house keys hidden from plain sight when they’re in the house
  • Don’t leave window and door keys in their locks
  • Always draw your curtains at night so people can’t see your valuables from the street
  • Only let trusted family and friends know your holiday plans and avoid advertising your plans on social media
  • If you’re away, even for the night, keep at least one light on or make use of timers to make it look like someone’s in
  • Visible burglar alarms, security lights and good overall lighting are useful in deterring unwelcome attention
  • Don’t open your door or provide access to your home without knowing who is there and remember to check the identity of any charity collectors or salesperson
  • Gravel is a very cheap security measure. The crunching noise makes it very difficult for thieves to sneak quietly around outside your house
Are you prepared for cyclone or torrential rain?
  • Trim branches around your property to prevent them from falling
  • Secure any loose outdoor objects, such as outdoor furniture
  • Clear gutters and downpipes and check for blockages to avoid overflowing during heavy rain
  • Keep an emergency kit handy, including a battery-operated radio, a torch with spare batteries and a first aid kit
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged
  • Unplug electrical appliances and avoid using your landline telephone if there is lightning
  • Always stay indoors and keep away from windows
  • Make sure your pets have adequate shelter

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

If you have any unanswered queries about what we have to offer, please refer to the home insurance questions below. The answers given are only a brief summary – you must read the Policy Wording carefully for complete details of what is covered, and which of the benefits are provided under each Plan. Importantly, please note that exclusions do apply, as well as limits to the cover.

Some words may have special meanings – refer to “Our Definitions” in the Policy Wording prior to reading through these FAQs.

If, however, you do not find the answer you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What cover is available for my laptop or notepad?
    If you want cover for accidental damage for laptops or notepads or wish to cover these items outside of your home, you will need to select personal effects cover.
  • Will my buildings insurance cover my outbuildings such as the garage or shed?
    Buildings insurance covers domestic outbuildings and private garages, including garages on nearby sites that form part of your home.
  • How do I make a change to my home insurance policy?
    You can do this via the My Account section of the website. If you wish to do this over the phone, please call us on 659 0659 during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30) and we will be happy to help you.
  • How will I receive my insurance documents?
    If you chose to receive your documents by email, they should be with you within three hours (although occasionally, they may take a little longer). You may need to check your email junk or spam folders. If for any reason your email is returned to us, we'll automatically send your documents to you by post instead.
  • I use a room as an office. Can you insure me for this?
    Yes, our contents policy includes cover for any office equipment you may have, like PCs, faxes and printers. The work you do in your office must be clerical work such as administration and paperwork on behalf of your employer, and there must be no work visitors or employees coming to your home. If you're running a business from the address or if there is a business registered to your address you will need to call one of our friendly insurance experts on 659 0659 during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30) to see if we can provide you with a quote.
  • Do I need to have proof that I own the contents I’m insuring in my home?
    No, but if you make a claim, you may be asked for evidence of value and ownership such as purchase receipts and instruction manuals. This is especially important for valuables, such as jewellery, watches or works of art.
  • I live in a rented flat; can I insure my home contents with you?
    Yes, if you own the contents of the flat then we can offer you insurance.
  • I have changed the security on my property – do I need to let you know?
    If you are altering the security on your property you should inform us as it may change the conditions of your home insurance. You may also be eligible for a discount.
  • I am about to install a new kitchen and renovate my bathroom – should I notify Quantum?
    Before commencing renovations it is important that you notify us as it may affect the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy. It is important that your increase your sum insured to reflect any extensions or renovations to make sure you are adequately covered in the event of a home insurance claim.
  • How is my premium calculated?
    We take into account multiple risk factors in calculating your premium. These include the type of construction, Occupancy of the property, security systems and past claims records. Your level of coverage also determines the premium you are going to pay. Cover with higher sum insured and more extensive benefits will entail a higher premium to be paid.
  • How can I be sure that my personal information is secure?
    Your security matters to us. The information you provide to us via this website is securely encrypted as it travels between your computer and our internal Information systems. The secure connection is over a protocol called secure socket layer - SSL, making it extremely difficult for others to access your information. Two ways of knowing when you are using a secured section of our website is to look for the small padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your browser and secondly the web address in your browser window will start with "https" instead of "http". Also, we abide by the Data Protection Act 2008 for the safeguarding of your personal data shared with us.
  • What is an excess?
    An excess is the amount which will be deducted from any claim paid to you under the sections of your policy to which an excess applies. You will be advised which cover sections are subject to an excess and the amount of excess at the time you purchase your policy.
  • How much should I insure my Building and Contents for?
    You need to make sure that you have enough cover for the full rebuilding cost of your home for buildings insurance and for the total replacement cost of all your belongings as new with contents insurance. The rebuilding cost of your property is different from the market value, and you will need to ensure you have sufficient cover for the full rebuilding cost of your property.
  • What is underinsurance?
    Underinsurance arises when you have insured your possession for less than its value as explained above. In the event of a loss, you are at risk of being penalized by the condition of average.
  • What is Condition of Average?

    Sum Insured is the maximum amount that can be paid out and is only paid out in cases of total destruction. Where partial destruction occurs (a more common occurrence than total destruction), Payout is pro rata in line with the underinsurance. This is due to insurance companies basing the premiums on their risk of losing the full Sum Insured against total destruction events.

    For example in case of building cover, the claim will be paid as follows:

    Payout = (Claim amount X Sum insured) / Full rebuilding cost

  • What do I do if I need to make a home insurance claim?
    • Take precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability
    • Contact the police as soon as possible to report any theft or attempted theft, or damage caused by intentional acts, riots or vehicle impact.
    • Notify us of your claim online, or call our claims department on 659 0659 during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30) and one of our friendly consultants will take you through the home insurance claims process.
  • Do I have to get home and contents insurance replacement quotes to make a claim?
    One of our consultants will discuss this with you when they receive your online claim form or when you call to make your home insurance claim
  • What proof of ownership documents do I need at the time of claim?
    Documents such as purchase receipts, credit card statements and owner’s handbooks will help. When you speak to a claims consultant, they’ll let you know what you need to provide to help us process your home insurance claim
  • How will my possessions be replaced?
    We organise the quotes and replacement of your possessions and do most of the leg work for you.
  • What should I do if someone makes a claim against me?
    • Notify us of your claim online as soon as possible, or call our claims department on 659 0659 during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30) and one of our friendly consultants will take you through the claims process.
    • Try to get names and addresses of witnesses, if there are any.
    • Don’t make any admissions of liability and don’t attempt to settle any claim made against you.

Choosing your house insurance

At Quantum Insurance, we sell our insurance policies direct to you, that is we do not pay any commissions out of your premium to any agents or intermediaries and hence we don't charge you commission or agency fees.

So you make an immediate valuable saving on your premium. We also make sure that you only pay for what you need. All our home insurance policies are tailor-made to suit your choice and preferences so you're not wasting money on extras you don't use.

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  • Choose the cover that's right for you. Pay only for what you need.
  • We cut out the middleman so you don't have to pay commission.
  • No Policy Fees when you go paperless
Save on your Time!
  • Get instant free quotes
  • Buy securely online - it takes just a few minutes
  • It's quick and easy to buy
  • Receive an instant e-mail with your logins details and password
  • Receive your digital policy documents instantly when you go paperless
  • It's quick and simple for you to make a claim
Delivery Made Easy!
If you prefer receiving your documents in hand:

  • We will deliver your sealed policy documents at the address and time of your convenience as part of our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction
  • You can benefit from our safe and timely delivery service across the island anytime between 9am and 9pm, any day of the week
  • Our service is secure, well-timed and tailored for your satisfaction
  • Call us to learn more on how our dispatch and assistance service can benefit you

Value of your insured assets


The value of building is defined as the reconstruction cost of the building (and not its market value). In other words, the optimum coverage is one which sufficiently compensates for rebuilding your house in case any damage to the structure. To arrive at this value, simply multiply the built-up area of the property with the construction rate per sq. ft. For example - if the built-up area of your home is 1,000 sq. ft. and the current construction rate is MUR 1,200 per sq. ft., the sum insured for your home structure will be MUR. 1,200,000.

Contents and Personal Effects

The amount you will pay if you have to replace all the existing contents or personal effects by new ones of same type and model.