Cover Definitions

The reality is, accidents do happen and they are sudden.

How long would your family be able to continue their current lifestyle if you were no longer in the picture? Nobody likes to think about tragedy striking and the impact it could have on loved ones’ lives, but it is a real possibility that you can help to prepare for.

If you have a serious accident, how will you replace lost income or cover the expenses of lifestyle adjustments such as wheelchairs, ramps etc. A physical impairment, such as the loss of use of arms, legs or eyes, could change your lifestyle completely.

Our cover is designed to give you peace of mind that you’ll receive your financial payout whether your accident occurs at home or abroad.

From broken bones to physiotherapy, accidental injury to convalescence, dental injury to coma, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re covered.

With our policy options, it’s good to know that when you and your loved ones are covered, you’ll have a financial buffer to help you through a difficult time if someone has an accident.

Scope of Cover

Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation in the event of bodily injury, permanent disability or death caused solely by accidental events.

As long as your main private residence is in Mauritius, you are covered if you die or you are injured as a direct result of an accident that happens anytime and anywhere in the world.