Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • If I am hospitalized as a result of illness, am I entitled to the medical expenses benefit?
    No, you are entitled to medical expenses resulting from accidents only.
  • Does this policy cover me while I am overseas?
    Yes, you will be covered whilst you are overseas anywhere in the world.
  • What is the age limit if I wish to apply for this policy?
    The age limit is 65 years old and below based on last birthday. For children aged 15 days old to 18 years old, parents/guardian must be the Policyholder.
  • If I have an existing Personal Accident insurance policy from other companies, can I still take up a new Personal Accident insurance policy with Quantum Insurance Ltd?
    Yes, you may take a new Personal Accident insurance.
  • What is the last eligible age for renewal of this policy?
    65 years old is the last eligible age for renewal of your Personal Accident insurance policy. At 66 years old, we will send you a letter to inform that your Personal Accident insurance policy will not be renewed upon expiry.
  • How are claims handled in case of multiple coverage?
    If you have purchased more than one Personal Accident insurance policy, in the event of your demise or disablement, you or your beneficiary, as the case may be, will be compensated under each policy. However, for certain expense such medical expenses which are compensated on reimbursement basis, you will only be compensated once.
  • What is meant by Scale of Compensation?
    Scale of Compensation refers to the amount of compensation payable by the insurance company in the event of injury to or loss of limb, sight or hearing. It determines the proportion of compensation based on the loss suffered. E.g. the loss of a thump one phalanx is determined to be 10% of the Permanent Disablement sum insured.

Choosing your personal accident insurance

At Quantum Insurance, we sell our insurance policies direct to you, that is we do not pay any commissions out of your premium to any agents or intermediaries and hence we don't charge you commission or agency fees.

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  • Get instant free quotes
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  • Receive an instant e-mail with your logins details and password
  • Receive your digital policy documents instantly when you go paperless
  • It's quick and simple for you to make a claim
Delivery Made Easy!
If you prefer receiving your documents in hand:

  • We will deliver your sealed policy documents at the address and time of your convenience as part of our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction
  • You can benefit from our safe and timely delivery service across the island anytime between 9am and 9pm, any day of the week
  • Our service is secure, well-timed and tailored for your satisfaction
  • Call us to learn more on how our dispatch and assistance service can benefit you