Plan One - Value Cover

“We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfilment”
- H Belloc

Anything can go wrong while you are traveling, so travelling the world with the cheapest Travel Insurance cover in our range of products is possible to ensure that your fulfilment is complete.

This cover is designed in such a way that it matches your expectations in terms of basic level of benefits which may prove adequate if you are only seeking principally for personal protection and cover for your personal effects without considering any thrills assistance coverage during your trip.

Make memories together and enjoy lower rates for your Travel Insurance when travelling with your family members.

Your travel insurance in detail

We cover you up to a maximum of 180 days for single trip policies

  • Cover for hospitalisation expenses
  • Cover for out-patient medical expenses
  • Cover for permanent disability and death
  • Cover for your luggage

The age limit for our travel cover is 75 years old.

Our Limit of Covers are in USD
Rate 1 USD ≃ 34.3 MUR (indicative)
for your conversion

You need medical help

for sudden and unexpected illnesses, excluding pre-existing medical conditions

Overseas medical expenses for hospitalisation and associated expenses
overseas out-patient medical expenses

You are in a serious accident

and die whilst on your trip or suffer a total permanent disability
Compensation for death or permanent disability as a benefit

Your luggage and personal effects

are stolen, accidentally lost or damaged
For costs associated for repair or replacement of the damaged, lost or stolen items