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Delivering during lockdown? Let’s partner up

by Quantum Team, 26/03/2021

Delivering during lockdown? Let’s partner up Is your business operating during lockdown? So is ours. If you’re busy delivering goods during this period, we would like you to know that we’re available to provide you with the insurance you need to keep your business running. Here’s a selection of some of the most important insurance policies a delivery service needs. Delivery Vehicle insurance: Get our Motor Vehicle Insurance, and we’ll cover any medical bills for a person injured in a motor vehicle accident, or damaged vehicles, that are involved in a road accident.

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COVID-19 Communique - Our services during the lockdown

by Quantum Team, 10/03/2021

As we enter another lockdown, we are placing your safety and that of our staff as a priority while we ensure the continuity of our services.
Being a digitalised insurance company, our business model has proved to seamlessly accommodate our client’s needs in the current context as serving our client from distance is what we are bound to do at the best of times.

As of today, 10 March 2021, we will thus be operating remotely and are comfortably prepared to be at your service

As such, we encourage all of our customers to contact us online via:

Facebook Messenger
WhatsApp: +230 54 94 69 23
Web Chat: on www.quantuminsurance.com
Additional contact information :
For insurance Claims
Email: claims@quantuminsurance.com
Phone Number: +230 6590625

Renewal and New policies subscriptions
Email: underwriting@quantuminsurance.com
Phone Number: +230 6590610

Payment Transactions and Receipting
Email: accounts@quantuminsurance.com
Phone Number: +230 6590664

For any other Queries
Email: info@quantuminsurance.com

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Public and Employers Liability - What’s the Difference?

by Quantum Team, 15/10/2020

Getting insured is overlooked by many small businesses who take risks by ignoring basic requirements that could, in the long run, save them millions of rupees. At Quantum Insurance, we help protect small businesses like yours with the right insurance.

Today our insurance Corporate Relationship Executive, Riyaz, will talk about Public and Employers’ Liability insurance.

What are the main differences between Public Liability & Employers Liability?

Riyaz: “In a nutshell, and to make it simple, Public Liability covers you if any member of the public (client, visitor, etc.) gets injured on your business premises while Employers Liability covers you if one of your staff gets injured on your business premises or while carrying out work-related tasks.”

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How to buy safely online

by Quantum Team, 31/08/2020

Over the past months, you’ve probably seen more ads from local companies popping up on your Facebook feed allowing you to buy products online and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

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Back to Business! Get Ready with the Right Business Insurance Package

by Quantum Team, 11/05/2020

In the coming weeks, most of the country will be back in business. That’s excellent news for many entrepreneurs. And as you know operating a business, especially a small one, is now riskier than usual… That’s why it has never been more important to gear-up your business and protect your “gagne-pain”. Why does your business need insurance? Whether you’re a hairdresser, plumber, or even a startup, being a small business owner means taking risks… unfortunately, some of these risks are out of our control. For example, someone might get injured on your premises, your property might get destroyed in a fire, or one of your employees may even sue you for any injury on their worksite. So be prepared for these risks.

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Delivery Business Insurance During Covid-19

by Quantum Team, 22/04/2020

Delivering food or goods during this crisis? Then this is important for you. Are you delivering food and goods around the island? Then reading this article could help you doing it right! Because, if you’re one of those people busy working at the moment, we’d like to say two things: Thank YOU for doing it! and we’re working too, and doing our best to protect businesses during this crisis. Insurance During COVID-19- Delivery Business Insurance Getting the right level of insurance is important, especially if you are in a delivery business, and it is something that is easily overlooked in the rush to actually do your job! Fast food delivery and courier services are types of businesses that can occasionally find themselves in a pickle, especially when it comes to getting the food or goods to the customer, we believe that being insured is essential. Here is a range of policies which suit your circumstances at this difficult time.

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Working from home a how-to guide from the Quantum Insurance Team

by Quantum Team, 14/04/2020

Working should be the simplest thing in the world, right? Wake up, shower, then sit down in front of your computer and get to work. However, it’s anything but.
To minimise our staff’s exposure and support our colleagues, we are operating on skeleton staff within our head office. Hence, most of us are working from home, to ensure our services remains fully operational
With the kids playing around, social media calling, and Netflix waiting… We know that it’s a miracle you’re getting anything done at all!
To help keep your productivity levels up during this lockdown period, our team got together to offer some tips on how to get work going on the web when the rest of the world has stopped. After all, we know a thing or two about working online, servicing our client remotely is what we’ve’ been doing at the best of times…. J

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Business Insurance during COVID - 19

by Quantum Team, 10/04/2020

If you’re an entrepreneur and reading this, you are most likely in confinement and safe at home. But you’re also likely to be wondering…. are my business assets safe? That question might be eating away at the back of your mind because after all, worrying about your business is normal at the best of times... but these days, you’re likely thinking about it more than usual. You want to be sure that your livelihood, and your means of supporting your business and your employees, is ready-to-go once we’re out of this crisis. So yes, your business deserves all the attention, and protection it can get. That’s where we come in. We’re here to make sure you don’t take a chance with your biggest business asset and get exactly the cover you need for your business in this time of need.

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Working from home at the moment? Here’s what you need to know about home insurance.

by Quantum Team, 08/04/2020

For most of us who are working from home right now, it can be hard to stay on track. Since we’re all in this together, we at Quantum Insurance want to support you as much as we can and we want to let you know that your home insurance is still running at this time! If you have a home insurance policy with us, Quantum Insurance will support your claims handling and processing, as per the terms of your policy. Here is a simple FAQ to explain how working from home may affect your home insurance. Will my home insurance be affected if I haven’t told my insurer that I’m working from home? If you need to work from home during the lockdown, your home insurance cover with Quantum Insurance will not be affected. You do not need to contact us to update your documents or extend your cover. We are still here to support you.

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Is your car insurance about to expire during the lockdown? Here’s what you need to know

by Quantum Team, 04/03/2020

The Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail granted an automatic three-month extension to all vehicle owners whose licence expired on the 31st of March (for more details, check out the official communique right here), provided that the vehicle’s insurance is still valid.

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Quantum Insurance - Covid-19

Coronavirus and your car insurance, what you need to know…

by Quantum Team, 26/03/2020

In these uncertain times, you may be wondering why you need to ensure that your car insurance is still valid? After all, the lockdown is impacting our everyday lives. Including the use of our cars. However, for all of those working for an essential business activity, and helping to keep our country running during this crisis, we offer our entire support and are doing everything we can to make sure that your car insurance is one thing you can rely on.

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Travelling for the holidays? Let’s get you insured … 24/7

by Quantum Team, 16/12/2019

Travelling is the best gift you can give yourself this year! Seeing the world and discovering new places is not only fun … it’s also a mind-opening experience where you can push your boundaries and discover new things about yourself … but just be careful about pushing yourself too much, though.

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5 reasons why it’s safer and easier to buy insurance online.

by Quantum Team, 18/11/2019

Getting insurance shouldn’t be a headache. This is why we made it quick and easy for you to buy your insurance online, in just a few clicks, easy net sa! Read on to discover 5 good reasons why getting your next insurance online is a smart option.

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Why getting Car Insurance is easier than you think (and 100% necessary)

by Quantum Team, 11/09/2019

Here’s a quick question for you… What are the three things you need to drive a car? A valid driver’s license, registration and… you guessed it, car insurance.
Why? Because it’s illegal to drive without insurance and also quite risky considering that 14,634 road accidents happened in 2018 alone.

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Claims 101 (or how to get them done fast and with no hassle).

by Quantum Team, 25/07/2019

Would you rather push a car up a hill than get an insurance claim?
We don’t blame you. Notorious for being a long and drawn-out process, getting a claim is often just as painful as the incident which led you to lodge one in the first place.

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The Truth about Travel Insurance (it could save you millions)

by Quantum Team, 25/07/2019

We have a question for you. What’s the most foolish way to lose millions of rupees on a holiday?
A wild shopping spree? A bad run at the casino? Maxing out your credit card in a luxury hotel perhaps? No, all it takes is not setting aside a few minutes to get travel insurance before your holidays.

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5 top reasons to get Home Insurance

by Quantum Team, 23/10/2019

If you are still undecided about Home Insurance, have you considered that buying a home may be the largest purchase you ever make in your life? It came with a lot of efforts, sacrifices and commitment from your part. Protecting it is, hence, a priority. Here are the top 5 reasons why getting your house insured is the best decision you can take.

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