About Us

About Us

Our business is insurance, but we’re also in the business of making a legitimate difference. We don’t just do it for the profit. We’re here to transform insurance in Mauritius and it is just starting…For our clients, our country and our staff.

We’re here to leave a legacy… and our objective is to offer our customers best-value insurance policies in new ways combined with outstanding customer service. We take service seriously.

Our Business and Philosophy

At Quantum Insurance, our aim is to change the face of insurance in Mauritius and bring quality insurance products at more affordable prices to customers.

We want to advance from the traditional way of offering insurance by providing customers with a different and better way of obtaining insurance. Which, in a nutshell, is making a difference in the lives of our clients, staff and business partners.

With this in mind, we launched our online direct-to-customer business in 2015. Our products are also offered through our office at Ground Floor,Lot 15A4, Hyvec Business Park, Wall Street, Ebene,72201.

The Team

Meet the Team


Devesh Biltoo


Devesh B Biltoo, born in 1978, is a Chartered Insurer and an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of the United Kingdom. He also holds a BSc. degree in Economics and Mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand. He has been working extensively in the insurance industry in Mauritius since 2001, particularly in the General Insurance sector. Before joining Quantum Insurance in 2015 as Chief Operations Officer, Devesh successively worked for La Prudence Mauricienne Assurance Ltée as Senior Underwriter before being promoted to Technical Manager in 2011 and Manager in 2014 of the General Insurance-Underwriting Department following the merger with The Mauritius Union Cy. Ltd. He is also an Executive Director of Quantum Insurance and an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Hertshten Group.

Viviane Henri

Underwriting Manager

Viviane Henri, born in 1974, is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of the United Kingdom. She holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, Graduate School of Business of the Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. Viviane has worked extensively in the insurance industry in Mauritius as well as worked for a brief period in the UK insurance industry. Before being appointed as the Underwriting Manager at Quantum Insurance in 2015, she worked successively for Albatross Assurance Co Ltd, Addax Oryx Group Ltd, La Prudence Mauricienne Assurance Ltée, Gras Savoye Brokers and Consultants Ltd. and was also the Assistant Manager Technical Non-Motor Underwriting at The Mauritius Union Cy. Ltd.

Hevin Bhujan

Financial Controller

Hevin Bhujan, born in 1990, is a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom and member of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA). Prior to joining Quantum Insurance Ltd in 2021, he worked in the Audit and Assurance department at BDO & Co, Chartered Accountants from 2010 to 2020 and was promoted as Audit Assistant Manager in 2018. He was extensively involved in the audits of numerous quoted and unquoted companies in Mauritius and abroad.

Adarsh Bangalee

Claims Manager

Adarsh Bangalee, born in 1994, joined Quantum Insurance Ltd in 2017, as Claims officer and was appointed Risk and Statistical Analyst in 2021. After one year, he has been promoted to Claims Manager and holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and statistics and is currently pursuing his studies in actuarial science.

Stephanie Bourdet-Félix

Marketing & Communications Manager

Stephanie Bourdet-Felix, born in 1989, holds a BA (Hons) in Graphic design and various certificates in Digital Marketing. She has more than 10 years of work experience in the Marketing field in various industry such as Malls, Real estate and Insurance at The Mauritius Union Cy. Ltd. Stephanie has joined Quantum Insurance as Marketing and Communications Manager in 2022.


Shiksha Seewoosahee
Underwriter & Statistical Analyst
Valerie Rougeot
Oozaima Islam
Customer Relationship Officer
Oceane Boisema
Junior Underwriter
Jessica Durhone
Junior Underwriter

Business Development

Zaheer Oaris
Corporate Relationship Manager
Anjinee Ramasawmy
Corporate Relationship Coordinator
Chaleenee Jogoo
Corporate Relationship Executive
Navish Ramlackhan
Corporate Relationship Executive
Anick Mertes
Corporate Relationship Coordinator
Elaiya Toofanny
Corporate Relationship Coordinator


Venilla Soomaroo
Claims Admin Officer
Keshika Bagha
Claims Officer
Patricia Barah
Claims Officer
Yash Bhantoo
Technical Claims and Surveying Officer
Sumaiyah Bundhoo
Claims Officer
Laina Seeboo
Claims Recovery Officer
Charvisha Sookdin
Claims Officer

IT Department

David Foo Cheung
System Engineer

Accounts Department

Ahsan Gunny
Sueta Baldee
Accounts Payable Administrator
Noorya Syed
Accounts Officer
Priyashini Cheeneegadoo
Junior Accountant

Customer Service

Hema Boodhoo
Customer Service Supervisor
Emilie Anamunthoo
Front Office Coordinator
Sandra Ladouceur
Customer Service Officer
Neha Herpersad
Customer Service Officer

Risk & Compliance

Warren Ramasawmy
Administrative Assistant : Risk & Compliance
Adarsh Bangalee
Risk and Statistical Analyst


Why choose Quantum Insurance?

Easy, intuitive, affordable, and human.

We are using technology and design to make the offering of insurance and service we want for ourselves.

Giving our customers more control, along with the ease that is built into our process, introduces a noticeable change in the industry.

We know how much insurance matters and not only about the quantum…. but offering people instant, fully underwritten affordable personal insurance online is filling a real need in the market.

As a team we fully believe it is an indicator of what’s to come as this industry evolves.

Built with passion.

Why? We have taken note of what consumers in Mauritius have to say about the rising costs of their insurance policies and poor, as well as, inadequate claims service.

We offer an exceptional opportunity to empower customers to take control and pay more competitive and fairly-priced insurance premiums, by not having to bear any commissions costs or middle-men costs in your insurance premium.

Adopting a direct business model, Quantum Insurance offers its customers with lower insurance premiums by removing agents from the process. We conduct most of our business primarily through our user-friendly website, supported by a fully staffed walk-in office in Ebene.

Innovation matters

We believe people want and deserve better, so we at Quantum Insurance are innovating on both the process of buying insurance and the ability for people to match their coverage to their needs.

People can come to Quantum Insurance and easily apply for more instant coverage when they need it.

Insurance is about trust and customer-centric innovation is what people can expect from Quantum Insurance

Quantum Insurance will continue to innovate and come up with unique offerings for our customers while keeping our premiums affordable.

Who We Are

Quantum Insurance Ltd (Business Registration No. C14126016) is incorporated in Mauritius and registered as a licensed insurer by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to serve the General Insurance market and is subject to the reporting and compliance requirements of the insurance industry.

Quantum Insurance is a private limited company with its majority shareholder being the Hertshten Group, incorporated in March 2005 and registered in Mauritius. Hertshten Group Ltd is regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, a globally-recognized regulatory authority.

Hertshten Group Ltd is the holding company, established in 2005, of a group of companies operating in the financial services as well as engaged in other financial investments in line with the agreed strategy and objectives of the Board of the Hertshten Group.

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