Quantum Insurance Privacy Policy
We take the security and management of your personal data and information seriously.
How we use your personal data and information

We want you to be confident about how we use your personal data and information. As a regulated company and data controller we take the responsibilities for the security and management of your personal data and information seriously.

That’s why we invest in our systems and processes to ensure that the way we collect, use, share, and store your data and information meets both the regulatory and our own high standards.

Who we are and how to contact us

Quantum Insurance Ltd (‘Quantum Insurance’) is a General Insurance Business licensed and registered in Mauritius BRN:C14126016 with its registered office at:

Ground Floor,Lot 15A4, Hyvec Business Park, Wall Street, Ebene,72201.

Quantum Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Licence Number IS14000023.

Quantum Insurance is the data controller of your personal information.

If you have any questions about how we process your personal data and information, please get in touch with us at:

Quantum Insurance Ltd,
Ground Floor,Lot 15A4, Hyvec Business Park, Wall Street, Ebene,72201. Walk-in (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30)
or  email us at: info@quantuminsurance.com.

You can also contact our Data Controller:
Data Controller,
Quantum Insurance Ltd,
Ground Floor,Lot 15A4, Hyvec Business Park, Wall Street, Ebene,72201.
or via  email at datacontroller@quantuminsurance.com

Information we collect

We only ask for information that we need, and have strict controls to keep it safe. We collect your personal data and information to provide our products and services (e.g. handling your claims) to you. Without the information we ask for, we can’t give you a quote or insurance policy and it may affect the outcome of any claims you make. Personal data and information we collect will be held in digital and / or paper files.

We collect personal data and information such as name, address, date of birth, National Identity Card Number, passport number, health, and claims history. We’ll also collect information which relates to the things you want to insure (for example your house or vehicles)

We collect personal data and information about everybody named on your policy, quote, incident or claim when you:

  • ask for a quote or apply for a policy
  • buy and / or use a product or service
  • ask us a question
  • make, or inform us of a claim or incident
  • make a payment
  • update your personal details
  • change your cover
  • register a complaint
  • take part in market surveys and research (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys)
  • update how we contact you with your policy administration, communication and marketing
How we use and share your personal information

The personal data and information we ask for will be used by us and third parties who process information on our behalf. This includes organisations who administer your policy, service your claims, third party administrators and reinsurers.

Legal ground for processing personal information

Legal ground for processing personal information

As a regulated financial services organisation we’re required to comply with legal and regulatory obligations such as the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud and other financial crime.

We’ll process personal data and information for our legitimate interests, when we have a business reason to do so, to:

  • develop, improve, and personalise our products, pricing and services
  • enhance our customer service, experience, and relationship (e.g. customer service surveys and market research, business analysis, provide relevant product and service information)
  • improve the relevance of our advertising and marketing campaigns
  • improve the relevance of our advertising and marketing campaigns
  • help detect and prevent fraud and financial crime
  • develop and improve our administration, security systems and insurance applications
  • promote responsible transaction with us to prevent any misselling or misinterpretation of our products and/or services
  • share it with third parties in the event of organisational change (e.g. if we bought or merged with other organisation
  • share personal information with other statutory bodies, organisations and commissions

If we need your consent to process personal data and information, we’ll ask for this first.

We’ll ask for your consent (or next of kin’s), to obtain any medical / health information we need. In an emergency we’ll manage claims until you or someone else is able to act on your behalf.

Payment Card Details

We use a secure payment processor for all card payments. When a payment is processed we receive a unique transaction code and an extract of your card number, which we securely store as a record of the transaction.

You can choose to renew your insurance automatically each year using these details; just let us know when you buy your policy. You can change this at any time.

Computerised/automated decision making and profiling

We use automated decision making to help determine the prices, policy terms, relevant products / services, when you research or ask for a quote, buy insurance, make any changes, renew or make a claim.

We may also profile you based on your personal information and that provided by third parties. Profiling may be used to help determine the likelihood of a claim or policy transaction being fraudulent. Profiling will also be used to enhance our understanding of you and to inform our business decisions (e.g. product design, pricing, customer journeys or marketing strategy).

If you’ve chosen to receive marketing information from us, profiling will be used to make our marketing more relevant, e.g. personalise the channels used to market to you, the marketing messages used and the offers you’re sent.

International transfers

In the event that we process personal data and information outside Mauritius, approval and authorisation from the Data Protection Commissioner will be sought and obtained prior to the processing in those locations

Where your claim occurs abroad we will also send data to the necessary service providers, third party administrators and relevant agencies as required to service your claim.

Regulatory bodies

Your personal information will be used or disclosed as required to regulators to monitor and enforce our compliance with any regulation.

Financial crime & fraud prevention agencies

The personal information we have collected will be shared with crime prevention agencies who will use it to prevent financial crime and fraud and to verify your identity. If financial crime or fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services. Where we suspect financial crime or fraud, we may cancel any policies you have with us, not be able to pay any claim or offer you the requested product or service. We may share relevant information with crime and fraud prevention agencies, law enforcement agencies and other relevant organisations.

Specialist services we use

We use other companies to provide some services, e.g. banks and payment gateways, breakdown and recovery agents, claims adjusters, claims suppliers, legal service providers, communication services, debt recovery agencies, marketing, fraud and other financial crime investigation services etc. They’ll be given the personal information they (or their sub-contractors) need to manage their service.

Market research agencies

We may share your personal information with market research agencies who will conduct market research and business analysis on our behalf only.

Reinsurers and reinsurance brokers

We may need to share any personal information, including policy, claims, medical, and suspected fraud and other financial crime information, with our reinsurers and reinsurance brokers. Reinsurers provide insurance policies to insurance companies. Insurance companies engage a reinsurance broker to advise and assist in arranging a re-insurance policy.

Other insurers

When necessary we share your personal information with other insurers if you make a claim, to verify that the information you’ve provided is correct and prevent financial crime and fraud. If you move to a new insurer we may confirm certain details about your insurance to them. We’ll only do this if we’re sure it’s a genuine request.

Incidents or claims

When you tell us about an incident or claim we’ll share this with relevant agencies and appropriate service providers. We’ll also collect information from anyone else involved as necessary, e.g. claimant, witnesses or police.

Medical and other health services

If you make a claim and give us your consent, we’ll get your medical information from the relevant health provider, e.g. doctor or hospital.


We may be given information by a claimant or their representative, a witness or family member, to support a claim or to pursue a claim against your policy.

Other insured parties

An insured party on your policy (e.g. named driver) may notify us of an incident or claim against your policy.

Law enforcement, regulatory and government agencies

Information may be given to us by law enforcement agencies (e.g. the police) about an incident which may result in a claim or may affect a policy or ongoing claim.

Giving someone permission to talk to us about your policy

We can only talk about your policy to you or someone we’re satisfied that you’ve authorised to talk to us, on your behalf.


When you contact us, personal information that you give us will be recorded. This helps us improve our customer service, train our staff, respond to complaints and prevent fraud and other financial crime. All communications will be in English or French. You can get this document from us in writing or audiotape, where voice recording is being of use, by contacting us.


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How long we keep your personal information

If you obtain a quote and/or buy a policy from us we’ll keep all personal information for a period of at least 7 years after the completion of the transaction to which it relates to ensure we meet our statutory and regulatory obligations (eg as laid down by the Insurance Act), and to allow us to manage complaints or claims.

Your personal information rights

You have a right in certain circumstances to:

  • access the personal information we hold about you
  • correct or rectify personal information
  • have your personal information deleted if continued processing of the data is not justified
  • restrict us processing your personal data where the accuracy of the data is contested
  • receive your personal information in a portable format, and
  • object to us processing your personal information

You can also ask for a person to review an automated decision.

Your right to make a complaint

If you have a complaint about the way we process your personal data please contact us.

You can also raise your complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner on the following address:

The Data Protection Commissioner,
Data Protection Office,
5th Floor,
SICOM Tower,
Wall Street,

 Telephone Number: 460 0251
 e-mail: dpo@govmu.org
or visit http://dataprotection.govmu.org


We may change this information from time to time. Any changes will be updated on our website and if appropriate notified to you in writing