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  The   Truth about Travel Insurance 

The Truth about Travel Insurance
(it could save you millions)

We have a question for you. What’s the most foolish way to lose millions of rupees on a holiday?

A wild shopping spree? A bad run at the casino? Maxing out your credit card in a luxury hotel perhaps? No, all it takes is not setting aside a few minutes to get travel insurance before your holidays.

Considering that emergency medical fees in the USA have been known to reach up to Rs 34, 211,967 and that an air ambulance in Thailand can cost Rs 3,600,000 it’s a wonder why anyone boards a plane without having secured travel insurance.

The Truth About Travel Insurance

Going abroad without insurance is like jumping off a plane without a backup parachute. You’ll have fun doing it, and everything usually goes smoothly, but if it doesn't, you’ll thank your lucky stars you were prepared. Especially considering that getting insured is, well, not costly at all.

For example, travel insurance for a 10-day trip to Europe should cost on average, less than 1% of the price of your trip. And it will even save you expenses that can easily reach the millions.

Knowing all this, it’s still a wonder anyone even jumps on a plane without insurance. So why do they do it? This list might explain:

The Truth about Travel Insurance

3 Common Myths about Travel Insurance

  1. I already have medical insurance so I don’t need travel insurance.
    Unless otherwise specified, your domestic insurance policies do not apply abroad. Travel insurance is usually a separate purchase.
  2. My credit card offers travel insurance
    Some credit cards do offer travel insurance. However, make sure you know exactly what they cover. Comprehensive travel insurance goes above medical emergencies and can cover flight cancellations, stolen documents, early return homes and more…
  3. I’ve never fallen sick! Why would I need travel insurance?
    Accidents happen to everyone. Even if you don’t “catch” anything while abroad because you’re healthy, no amount of vegetables and cardio will protect you from a car crash or bad fall. e.

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Oh, and did we tell you that our travel insurance plans also cover flight cancellations, the price of lost passports and personal liability cover in the event that you damage someone’s property abroad?

Make sure you’re prepared in every sense of the word before you board the plane. If you want to cover all your bases before your next trip, we’d be more than happy to provide you with the travel insurance you need right here.

Happy travels!