How to Make a Car Insurance Claim Painless?

Our Claims team is here to help you when you need it most.

If you need to make a vehicle insurance claim for any reason, it’s our aim to settle it as quickly and easily as possible.
So here are some guidelines about what you need to do and about what we will do in response.

Please follow these useful tips to help you but they don’t form part of your insurance agreement.

Making a Car Insurance Claim

In case of an accident:

  1. Switch ON your warning lights and place the reflecting triangles at a reasonable distance from the rear of the vehicle
  2. Check that both vehicles involved in the accident have a valid insurance vignette
  3. Clearly mark the position of the vehicle’s wheels and registration mark with yellow chalk on the surface of the road
  4. If your damaged vehicle is likely to cause an obstruction on the road, remove it from the road to the nearest safe place after having marked the accident area
  5. Agree on the circumstances of the accident. Fill in the Agreed Statement of Facts (Constat à l’amiable) form on the spot of the accident. Sign the form and keep one of the originals
  6. Do not admit liability. It is the insurers who will determine the respective liabilities of the drivers from information recorded on the form
  7. Contact us immediately and give us a copy of the completed and signed form as soon as possible and in any case no later than five days after the accident
  8. You can come to our office to make your claim. Our staff will assist you in filling in a claim form and will advise you of further procedures. Please note that the driver of the vehicle must bring along his or her driving license when calling at the office. You may also submit your claim online by logging onto your account
  9. Do not incur any repair costs without our prior approval
  10. Preserve the damaged vehicle for inspection purposes

In case of theft:

  1. Report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number
  2. Contact us immediately to fill in a claim form or fill in our form online using My Account


 Things to remember

You must not, without our permission:

  1. Negotiate or admit liability
  2. Make any offer, promise or payment
  3. Make your own arrangements for repair or replacement


How to notify us of a claim?

The fastest and easiest way to notify us of a motor claim is via our online claims form in My Account. You can submit your claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no later than five days after the accident.
It takes less than five minutes to complete the form, and once we receive it, one of our claims consultants will contact you.
Alternatively, you can call us on 659 0659 during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08 30- 16 30) of 8.30am to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday or come to our office.

Claims - Important Information

According to the Road Traffic (Amendement No. 3) Act 2003, the Agreed Statement of Facts form should not be filled if:

  1.  More than two vehicles are involved in the accident
  2. The driver of the other vehicle does not agree with you on how the accident happened
  3.  The driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  4.  There are casualties (fatal, serious or slight injuries)
  5.  There is damage to structure and property other than the vehicles (e.g traffic signs, guardrails, curbs, boundary walls, gates, etc.)
  6. A state-owned vehicle is involved in the accident
  7. None of the vehicles have a valid insurance vignette
  8. One of the drivers does not hold a valid driving license

What to do in situations where the form cannot be used?

Immediately call the police for assistance on: 208 0034 – 35

Click here to: Download the Agreed Statement of Facts

  1.  Duly filled Agreed Statement of Facts (Constat a l’amiable)
  2.  Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), if incident is reported to the police
  3.  Driver’s driving license
  4.  Vehicle’s Horse Power (Registration Book)
  5.  Your Certificate of Insurance

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured or the vehicles. Call 999 first, then call us.

Call our approved service provider ADA on 211 3030 (24/7 service) to tow your vehicle away quickly. They will verify you are insured with Quantum.

You will need to report the accident to the police if someone is injured, if a hit-and-run situation occurs, or if a government vehicle/property, or pedestrian/cyclist is involved. You will obtain an Occurrence Book number (OB number) that should be communicated to us.

Immediately forward to us all forms of written communication from third parties regarding the accident.

Read Quantum Policy Details for more information including limits and conditions.