Frequent Traveller

Frequent Traveller

This cover is a 12-month policy that covers multiple business and leisure trips, offering all the benefits of our Plan Three – Full Cover. It is amazingly affordable, and offers excellent worth for people who travel a lot.

You pay a single premium and you’re covered for each and every trip you make in that year. Your cover begins at the commencement of each new journey and ends when you return up to to a maximum duration of 45 days per single trip.
The age limit for our travel cover is 75 years old.

Your Frequent Traveller Insurance covers:
  1. Unlimited:
    • overseas emergency medical assistance
    • overseas emergency return
  2. Travel documents and passport
  3. Travel delays (meals, accommodation, luggage and personal effects)
  4. Alternative transport expenses if your scheduled transport is cancelled, delayed, shortened or diverted
  5. Permanent disability and loss of income
  6. Booking cancellation fees and lost deposits (subject to terms, conditions and exclusions)


Our cancellation benefit applies from the moment you buy your policy, so if your trip is cancelled or delayed before you go, you’re covered.

Tailor your Travel Insurance to suit your travel needs by increasing your coverage with our optional benefits:

Many travelers are concerned about problems which might arise due to terrorist activities. Although the chances of anything happening are unlikely, it’s nice to know that the insurance you have purchased has the possibility to provide you with such optional benefit. Passive terrorism is where you are caught up in a terrorist event as an innocent bystander. Obviously, no insurance will cover you if you are an active participant. Some plans will exclude very high risk countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

With our Passive Terrorism extension under your Travel insurance, you are assured that in the event you are injured or die or suffer a total permanent disability, whilst on your trip, as a result of terrorist attack or war related events, your compensation will be paid out accordingly.

Planning your trip does include also making your bookings or reservations for your Hotel, Tour sight-seeing, or other related events. By selecting our Booking Cancellation cover, we will incur the costs associated with the cancellations fees charged by your service providers as per the limit of our cover, should you need to cancel your existing Bookings or reservations as part of your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control (e.g. sudden illness).

Should you be traveling with the intention of practising any adventure sports (like Skiing) we are happy to insure you. The only conditions that we have are;

  • You must not be competing professionally.
  • You are not taking part in any speed-time trial or any form of race other than on foot, cycling or swimming.
  • You are not trekking or hiking above 5,000 metres altitude.
  • You have a licensed guide for: trekking, hiking or mountain biking in extreme areas
  • off-piste skiing
  • scuba-diving
  • rafting, canoeing or kayaking in white water rapids
  • parachuting, sky-diving, paragliding and parascending or other similar activities
  • rock climbing, caving, pot-holing, mountaineering or any activities that require use of ropes
  • hang-gliding
  • hot-air ballooning

Our Limit Covers are in USD

1 USD $ ≃ 45.35