Medical and Overseas Assistance

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Medical and Overseas Assistance

There are many ways to travel. Out of the country journeys have become more common as countries open to new tourism market every year. We cover all the bases in partnership with our assistance service provider with a comprehensive contract, including medical repatriation, the ultimate symbol of quality assistance.

Following a decision from our team of doctors, we can organise on-site hospitalisation or repatriation to the patient’s home country, with a medical escort, by regular flight or ambulance, even air ambulance for the most serious cases.

We also provide support to your relatives: flights tickets and accommodation to get to your bedside, and a competent person to accompany any children home.

Every effort is made to ensure the wellbeing of our clients

Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Assistance


Medical & Overseas Assistance

Europ Assistance: 00 27 11 991 8881


So we can easily assist you, please be ready with the following information:

  • Your policy number.
  • A contact number for where you are now.
  • The nature of your problem.

If you are ill or injured we will need details of medical consultations you have had. Call reverse charges via the local operator to avoid call costs.


More ways to get help:

From experience we understand that the telephone isn’t always suitable for every situation. Here are more ways you can get in touch if you need help:

 Email isn’t as fast as the telephone but our customer service team monitor this during business hours (Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:30).
Whatsapp 54946923 on your phone.
 Facebook Most of our customers are on Facebook and so are we. If you have WiFi access, ask for help on our Facebook page which is monitored during business hours.